IELTS考负责人Nick Charge答考生问

  1、近期一些有关雅思9月份考试试题有变的传闻已经被证实是错误的,那么将来会不会有题型变动的情况?It has been verified that the IELTS test format and task will not change in Sept. But will it change in the future?

  A: As far as we are aware, there are no planned changes for the future.据我了解,将来也不会有变化

  2、如果题型有变动的话,将能提前多长时间通知考生,通过什么样的渠道?If the IELTS test format and task change, will you inform the candidates before hand? How long before the test and through what channel?

  A: Of course we would inform candidates in advance if there were to be changes. We would provide them with this information as soon as possible. We would do this through official channels such as the media, our test centre partners, public presentations and our web-site.如果有变化的话,我们一定会提前通知考生。我们会通过官方渠道,如媒体,考点,我们的网站及讲座等向公众公布。

  3、如果申请人对他们的成绩有疑问的话,能要求重新评分吗?有没有什么条件?需要多长时间?If the candidates have any doubt on their result? Can they ask for remark? What is the criteria to do that? How long does it take?

  A: Candidates can apply for an EOR (Enquiry on Result) service. Full details of this are available on our web-site考生可以申请成绩复议,具体情况可以查询我们的网站

  4、网络上四处流传的所谓"雅思作文写作提纲"以及"考试预测"究竟有多少的可信度?The " IELTS Writing Outline" and the "Test forecast" are quite popular on the internet. How much do you think a candidate can believe that?

  A: It is impossible for anyone to forecast the test contents. In relation to Speaking and Writing, all examiners are trained to spot memorised responses and penalise accordingly.预测考试内容是根本不可能的。所有的IELTS考官都经过培训,如果考生在口语和写作考试过程中背题的话,肯定会被识破,也会因此受到相应的处罚。

  5、最早何时英国使馆文化处可以寄出成绩?How long does it take a candidate to get his/her test result?

  A: We send the results to the test centres within 2 weeks of the test. The test centres despatch them immediately.我们会在2周内将成绩发往考点。考点收到成绩后会立即发给考生。

  6、如果申请人想尽快拿到测试成绩表该怎么办?If a candidate wants to get the result earlier, what can he/she do?

  A: There is no express marking service. 2 weeks is already very fast.没有加急服务,2个星期已经是很快了。

  7、雅思考试在今后将会有哪些方面的改革?What reform will the IELTS test take in the future?

  A: As mentioned above, as far as we are aware there are no planned changes in the future. However, it is important to keep the test current and up-to-date.正如前面所提,据我了解,将来并没有调整计划。但是保持考试跟紧时代还是很重要的。

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