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说两个学生讨论准备一个学生电台的事宜。Helen and Kevin talked about the campus radio station.
1. how to get money第一题是关于资金来源,他们没有来源,所以只好用自己的钱。选student fund。A. student fund B. advertisement C. donation
2. what’s the topic of the conference?
A. how to find people to do the work B. how much to pay them for the work C. how to assign the work
3. they want to their program to be A. unusual B. various C. local
第二题是他们讨论的内容选 who will be in the participate.第三题是怎样来选伙伴,有share the idea和 give the record
4~6 pick up three items that they mentioned they would do in their program in the dialogue.
A. interview B. pop music C. current affairs D. phone-in E. local news F. forgot (the order is likely to be incorrect
填一些每个人要做的工作和应完成的时间,答案包括以下一些: December, time planning,还有就是说话的两个人的名字可以在前面的选择题里找出来。
7. Helen and Kevin (for they would be in charge of something)
8. early December. (Mary’s work)
9. time table/time planning (they should work it out 
Section2 开了个会,是会上的说明,是一个关于开会时间地点和内容的表格有 the ground floor, 3:10, Palm…之后是选择题,选项有fish(C), $15(C), contain all the cost (D)
10. the title of the man : professor
11. the title of his lecture: computers as teachers
12. in a seafood restaurant/sea service restaurant
13.passage: lift on from the ground floor
14. time for afternoon tea: 3:10? 3.05?
second choose the correct letter
15. ticket for the cocktail
A. at the receptionist B. …..C. at any time
the answer is C (sure)
16. the delegate fee is $15 (the fee for the guest is $25)
17. the restaurant is famous for
A. steak B. fish C. barbecue
(the woman said it is a famous seafood restaurant.)
18. the trip on Sunday charge for $35 in total (the figure is right, I forgot which letter. 
Section3 是一个海外留学生和他教授的谈话。一个 oversea student(女) 跟一个以前的老师(男)聊关于学习情况,这个老师曾在英国教过她的课,两人一年没见,女生讲她去澳洲学习中的困难和她的一些发现,在学习之余还要去医院工作
how often did she do the job in hospital? in vacation?
How many times did she do the part time job?
?) just complete her study in her country (A)
?) 下一题选D 内容忘了只记得A 选项是reading ability
1) understand
2) 老师推测 suggest 她比以前更 <?> 了
3) interest
?) 怎样完成作业 in small group
?) 打工
?) 实习时间好像是 4 次 2 周,没听清楚
海外学生还要注意了解什么 education system (或者是 English language system,不确定)
然后是单句填空,最后一个填interest。接下来问答题,问how often did she do the job in hospital in vacation? How many times did she do the part time job?
19. the answer is A (Kira finished her course in her home country)
20. sorry,
21. she should write faster.
easier to (approach),和下一题get more (familiar)with.原文familiar 先出现,然后出现approach
22. easier to approach
23. get more familiar with
24. something worry them or interest them
25. how they discuss the seminar: in small groups
26. how much time they work during the semester : 2 weeks
.关于session 3.how much time.绝对不是2weeks.而是8weeks.我清楚听到原文说4times for 2weeks.而且题干是how much full-time they work during a year.
27. how often every second day
28. how did she feel ? Confident
29. Besides language the suggestion for new students: get to understand the education system(English language system)
Section 4
还有一个Section是关于一帮墨西哥土人的历史建筑的事。it is about Aztec archaeology,一开始几个问答题。Live without tax, castle和一个什么,然后是选择,最后是单句填空,有common houses Aztec 族的考古成果10个问题,一次说完Aztec: 发音['eztek]
?) 怎样交税
goods 或者 crop
?) 那里发现了考古证据
?) 除了房子之外还有什么建筑
stallhouse 和 temple
30. in what form the Aztec send their tribute? goods
31. when the historian realize the rapid population of Aztec?__200 years ago_
32. where will they cultivate besides the hillside? Xxland? the answer is wekland.我不知道书写对不对,但发音绝对是wekland
33. where the only evidence are found in archaeology? Casemates (not sure)
34. two kinds of buildings other than houses they found : stores and temples
pick out three things show the Aztec farmers more than simple peasants
35. imported rich-colored pottery (F)
36. marketing system (A)
37. exchange in craft goods (B)
38.something found in both noble houses and common residence
39. sorry, forgot
40. except: precious stones.

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