V33 机经

发贴:   hiroii(西洛依)

Version 33
Section 1
1. address: 17A
2. empty for: two weeks
3. clean women price: ($25)
4. rent: ($400)
5. telephone number: 889745
6. switch on: (water heater) and (fridge)
7. rules: must (lock all windows)
8. must not: (play music) at midnight
9. want more details call: landlady
Section 2(4)
1. main purpose: 选B. education and research
2.- 4. there is a map of the zoo:
a. (Forest) Area;
b. Rare Fish Farms;
c. Market Garden
5. when doesn't open to the public: a short period of the year
说的是什么时候开(most of the year),但是题目问的是什么时候不开。
6. species in rare animal area: goats, horses, hens --choose one.
7. what can you see at this time? demonstration of fishing?/ bloom of flowers?
8. 把稀有动物放在这里是干什么,答案是为了繁殖!breeding
9.–10.what you can buy? choices: soft drink/ books about animals/ soft toys/
books about these areas/ variety of food. (choose two)
Section 3
1) Topic of the assignment-research of (collecting data)
2) essay one (1500) words
3) choose (five) subject
4) sum report (3000-4000) words

author       title               publish            year
8)survey research 9)London University Press
Section 4
一女人讲述一history museum,关于一个原始部落的考古研究.典型的lecture形式填空题.分三个主要方面.
1) 填第三方面的名称.
2) (15,000)年前部落.
3) 此调研专案开展的时间:(1972-1973)
4) 填bones.
5) 填big toes.
6) 对bones of (women)的研究
7) picture在__被发现.
8) grain被堆积(on the ground).
9) 研究出那时侯teeth不好的原因是?grain中没有remove (small stones).
10)另外原因是当时的食物,譬如flour制品lack (protein).不确定

introduce a museum
1. the tribe is (10,000)years ago
2. find painting on (temple walls)
3. bones of (women and children)
4. study of female corpse (teeth, fingers, bones)
5. find ? of: homes
6. enlarged: big toe
7. they didn't move out (small stones)
8. research time from (1974)-(1975)
9. they put mills on (the ground)
10. why they don’t have teeth decay, because their food don't contain (sugar?)
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