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Section 1:
典型的accommodation 场景。男的要rent,女的要move out,男的询问了一些问题,全部为填空题。
1)Address No.: 17A
2)Empty for: 5 weeks
3)The price of hiring a cleaning maid: $25
4)Rent: $400/Week
5)Landlady's telephone number: 889745
6)~7)Switch on: water heater and fridge
8)Rules: before go outside—must close or lock all windows;
9)Rules:after midnight must not play music;
10)Call__ for further information or want more details: landlady Mrs. Roche ,

Section 2 : A man introduces the zoo, 包括结构平面图及有关信息,线路清晰,而且标明起点, 做题前应看清标志性建筑。
11) 选择题, 选开放此park 的main purpose: education and research for public;
12)~14) 在地图上填三个Area 的名字a: Forest area; b: Rare fish farms area; c: Market garden (Vegetable area? 注意听)
15)What are the transportation tools used in the park?
A)tram, bus, train B)bike, walk, motorcycle C)tram, bike, walk D)taxi, tram, solar car
16)When doesn't open to the public: a short period of the year
17)饲养的动物种类,Species in rare animal area: goats, horses, and hens,注意有小陷阱--hens and goats.
18) 现在的季节可以看到的景象?/What can you see at this time? bloom of flowers 还是demonstration of fishing,仔细
19)~20) What can you do in reception desk? 5 选2,可以购买到的纪念品,What can you buy? 选项有:soft drink;books
about animals;soft toys;books about these areas;variety of food。
why animals feed here? for breeding.

Section 3: 一男生给女生讲完成assignment/paper的3个方面,介绍了不同的学习方法,典型的表格填空题,其中很多
21). Topic of the assignment: Research of collecting data
22). How many words should the essay one write: 1500 words
23). Number of subjects Choose five subjects
24). Number of words of the report Sun report (3000-4000) words
25)~26)5 选2, questionnaire 的2 个backwards,属于两个题目.
Author Title Publish Year
27) Mehta
28)survey research 29)London University Press
hen second part ask you next style of paper have how many words ,maybe 3000,and(sequence may be inversely) that about
table involved name, press,time ,title

Section 4: A woman introduces a historical museum,关于一个原始tribe 的考古研究,介绍了一些骨头的年龄及出土年
代等,典型的lecture 的形式填空题.包括人体骨骼、牙齿进化等。题型有Filling Gap、T/F/NG。
31)The tribe is 15,000 years ago
32)此项目开展的时间:Research time from (1974)-(1975) 还是1972-1973?
34)对bones of women and children 的研究,
35)Study of female corpse (teeth, fingers, and bones)
35)Enlarged: big toes
36)Find of: homes
37)Find painting(picture?)on temple walls
38)研究出那时侯teeth 不好的原因是grain 中didn't remove out (small stones)
39)They put mills(grain) on the ground
40)Why they don’t have teeth decay, because their food don't contain (sugar?) 另仪原因是当时的食物比如flour 制品
then from ruins of __homes,from ___bones,thensecond part I foget,then third part mill be on ___ground used__for grilling then
ancient people damage teeth for ___small stones__ then they can not decay teech for no___sugar(i guess,or corn?)

是一个学生要搬房子,跟后面搬近来的人交代情况第一篇的内容是关于租房的内容信息,其中对于租房的规定的限制不太容易听明白,那个女的好象很不耐烦似的。Passage1:搬家。女的要搬出来,男的要搬进去。注意听房租、电话号码、所要遵循的房屋规则:lock windows等,记不清了。
1. Address No.: 17A
2. Empty for: 2 or 5 weeks
3. Clean women price: $(25)
4. Rent: $(400)
5. Telephone number: 889745
6. Switch on: (water heater) and (fridge)
7. Rules: must: close or lock all windows
8. Must not: (play music) at midnight
9. Want more details call: landlady
第二段是介绍一个动物园。第二篇内容是关于一个地点的描述,这个地点现在可以做到一些教育、娱乐和研究于一体。有两个空是添图,一定要跟住说话的人,否则根本你就理不清顺序!Passage2:参观主题公园。该公园主题是:research and education.然后填图,注意地名,好象有fish farms,然后选择题。
Map: a. forest area  b. fish farms  c. market garden ,
purpose: education and research ,
when doesn’t open to the public: a short period of the year ,
species in rare animal area: goats, horses, hens__choose one
what can you see at this time: demonstration of fishing
what you can buy: soft, drinks, books about animals, soft toys, books about these area, variety of food (选2)
第三段是两个学生讨论作业和参考书,第三篇我认为是最难的,介绍了不同的学习方法,其中场景说话的女人明显有口音,其中很多空是说明怎么来学习的,而且翻过来卷子还有几个参考书的介绍。是四段里最简单的。然后是一个填表,比较容易,记得填人名、书名:survey research、出版商:London University Press,以及年份。
research、出版商:London University Press,以及年份。
Essay 1500 words: choose five
Subjects: sun report: 3000-4000 words

第四篇是一个考古的说明报告,介绍了一些骨头的年龄及出土年代等。好象是说什么考古发现一种什么人,然后研究他们的骨头和牙齿什么的,一开始填几个年代数字还可以,到后面GAP FILLING我就基本上不知道在讲什么,CATCH到一个“THE GROUND”,有许多听到了也根本不知道怎么拼,只好根据读音乱写。对于听力的总体感觉就是很难,没有真功夫,可能过不了关!Passage3是人体骨骼、牙齿的考古研究。恶难!是我听过最难的听力题。当然紧张也造成一些市场。需要填写:研究课题、字数等。用到home、bone、grand 等。
the tribe is 10000 years ago
find painting on temple walls
bones of women and children
study of female corpse teeth, fingers, bones
find ? of : homes
enlarged: big toe
they didn’t move out (small stones)
research time from (1974)——(1975)
they put mills on (the ground)
why they don’t have teeth decay : because this doesn’t contain (sugars)

Version 33
Section 1
填的空好象是empty for____2 weeks,
switch on 1:wood heater,2 ridge,rent___400
appartment no.maybe 78(iam not sure),phone no.(forget)
if you have more problems call___landlady(maybe)

1)Address No.--17A.
2)__weeks--5 weeks.
3)Rent: $__/week.
1) The price of hiring a cleaning maid :$__.
2) landlady's Tel. No.__.
6).7)switch on__,__ (2electrics)--water heater and refrigerator.
8).9)2 rules: must_before go outside--lock all windows; must not__after midnigh--play musict.10),Call__(Name) for further info.--Mr Roche

Passage1:搬家。女的要搬出来,男的要搬进去。注意听房租、电话号码、所要遵循的房屋规则:lock windows等,记不清了。


section 1
1, address: 17A
2. empty for: two weeks
3. clean women price: $(25)
4. rent: $(400)
5. telephone number: 889745
6. switch on: (water heater) and (fridge)
7. rules:must: close all windows/lock all the window
8. must not: (play music) at midnight
9. want more details call: landlady

Section 2
section2:zoo structure,选择,填图,选择(好象4个),一道多选.
ask you this zoo use for what?(research or study or for public),
then a map,1___forest area,2.___rare fish3____market garden.
then choice,
1. 实验期关园多久 全年?little time ?
2. by what transportation you can tour all the zoo.by tram,bicyle,walking (他讲的快,所以只在下面tick will be ok and save time.)
3. what animals in it?goats hens ?(forget,so not sure)
4. 4why animals feed here? for breeding (not
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