Writing Task 1 (report)

A graph showing car ownership in households in UK from 1961 to 2001. An easy one.

Writing Task 2 (essay)

We should concentrate on children’s writing skills. What do you think? Write and cite from personal experience.


Writing Task 1 (report)

We had a chart about oil consumption and production in China from 1984 up to 2008. It was easy.

Writing Task 2 (essay)

There are many new technologies for communication. Do you think they are helping people to stay in touch or not? Provide relevant examples and state your opinion.


Many of my friends have a good romantic relationship with their lovers, after many conversation by QQ; I, focusing on job, have no choice, but to give many calls to my parents who are living in village; it’s common that I, every week, will discuss many problems with my friends, who are learning course in Italy; and my leader, always assign the jobs through Email, and provide better suggestions to me. The improvement of technology has changed the types of relationship sharply. And this essay will examine many details about whether it has positive or negative effects.

People will spend less time to establish and maintain the relationship with others. For instance, my brothers, when he misses his girlfriend, just give a call to her---it will spend only couple of minutes. In the past, the letter I write to my parents will cost at least 5 days to arrive at the hands of theirs, but right now, I just give a call. The conversation between me and my friends in Italy happen almost everyday night. And my leader just writes a email which will spend about five minuets to me. All of these provide evidence that the technology has changed us dramatically.

These development, surely, offer much help to us. For instance, in the high school, I could only go to the public telephone to give call to my parents at most twice. And right now, with the help of MSN, it is common that almost every night, we have a conversation about my life and job.

But, the concerns need our special attention. For instance, my nephew always indulges in computer games, which will cost his at least 40 hours a week. It means that he have no enough time to have discussion with me and his parents.

In conclusion, it’s no secret that many technologies have bring numerous benefits to us, while we have to be bracing the concerns of it.


Writing Task 1 (report)

Describe a double bar chart – trips made by men and women respectively during 2007 to 5 or 6 different destinations , eg to work, sport, shops, schools.

Writing Task 2 (essay)

Museums and art galleries should show art of their own culture, rather than those from other countries. Do you agree or disagree?


Writing Task 1 (report)

Explain the difference between the two diagrams. The 2 diagrams showed the school buildings in 2003 & 2010.

Writing Task 2 (essay)

Express your views regarding insufficient respect nowadays towards older people. What can be the reasons? How does it affect the society? Support your answer with your personal experience.


Writing task 1 (report)

Table that shows the number of visitors in World Holistic Sites (there are 6 sites) in Australia in 1996, 1998 and 2000.

Writing task 2 (essay)

Boarding schools are becoming more popular, people study and live far away from home (in or out of their country). Is it a positive development? Give your reasons.


Writing task 1 (report)

We had a simple table with 2 columns showing number of motor vehicles per 1000 population in 8 countries in the years 1999 and 2000.

Writing task 2 (essay)

Looking into family history is considered very valuable by some. Others live for the present and for the future. Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion.



Writing Task 1 (letter)

As an evening class student, your teacher gave you an essay assignment for the weekend. You could not complete the essay on time. Write a letter with inclusion of following:

- the subject of your essay

- the reason you could not finish it due to.

- how and when you will finish it.

Writing Task 2 (essay)

Nowadays, people working in different jobs have different amount of Holidays. Should different types of jobs have different amount of holidays, according to the type of the job? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your experience.


Writing Task 1 (letter)

Write a letter to your English-speaking friend telling him/her about a local event that is to take place in your town, which would be useful to her/him. In your letter

- Mention the event

- What are the activities involved

- Mention the arrangements you would make for his/her stay

Writing Task 2 (essay)

Fast food is becoming very popular in recent times. Some people feel this is affecting the way people live today. Do you agree or disagree with this? Explain your opinion with examples.



Cue Card

Tell us about something you want to be, but you are not at present, you should say

- Who is the person you want to become?

– Why do you want the change?


- Do you cook? When did you learn cooking?

- Do you think students should learn cooking?

- Do you like change?

- Why people do not like change?

- What change you would like to see in your country now?

- About old age. What change people experience at old age?


Cue card

Talk about a leisure activity that you want to start:

- When are you starting it?

- Where is it going to take place?

- What is the use of this activity?


- Should people get involved in leisure activities?

- Do you think it can be difficult to have leisure activities when you retired?

- Do people get bored leisure activities when they are retired?


Cue Card

Tell us about one of your best friends, you should say

- Who is he/she? Name?

– Where did you meet him/her?

– What did you do together?

- Do you think your friendship is long lasting?


- Is improvement in Communication technology assisting friendship?

- People meeting via other media like chat, email, etc justifies friendship in real?

- Friendship in relatives more real than non-relatives?

- Is international co-operation necessary nowadays?


Cue card

Describe an interesting stage in your life, you should say

- when was it,

- where was it,

- why you find it interesting.


- Describe different stages in life, that are celebrated in your culture.

- Describe the legal ages in your country.


Cue card

Talk about a historical place that you visited, you should say:

- What was its name?

- Where was it?

- What is its history?

- What did you like about the place?


- Do you feel it is necessary for people to be taught history from an early age?

- When did you learn history?

- Is it necessary for children to be taught History in the primary school?


Cue Card

Tell me about the job you would like to have in the future, you should say:

- What kind of job is it?

- Why you would like it?

- What difference does it have with the job you have now?


- What kind of friends would you like to meet?

- Are you going to invite them in your house or go out instead?


Cue card 1

Talk about a situation you needed help, you should say

- What it was all about

- Who helped you,

- Why it is very important to you

Cue Card 2

Describe a conversation you had in the past, that is very important to you.

- Whom did you have it with ?

- What happened?

- What did your learn from it?

- Why was it important to you?


- Do you still talk to that person?

- Did you share the conversation you had with that person with any other family member?

- What do you think would be the problem if two people talking had two different languages?

- Do you think a face to face conversation is better than talking to someone over the phone?

- What do you think is a good conversationalist?

- Do you think using an interpreter would help if two people conversing had different languages?

- What do you think could be a problem when using an interpreter?


Cue card

What Television show you enjoy most?

- describe the TV show you like

- why do you enjoy it?

- do you talk much about it?



- What particular shows do people here enjoy the most?

- Are there any other shows that they enjoy?

- What is the role TV shows play in your society?

- Would it be better if people would keep watching TV shows?

- In the future, how will TV shows impact the culture of you society?


Cue card

You should speak about a special toy you got as a child

- describe the toy,

- tell why it was so important to you.


- Do you think toys should be shared by children?

- What do you think is the impact of sharing toys between children?

- What can you tell about toys before and toys nowadays?

- How would a toy help in the development of children?


Cue card

Talk about what kind of music you liked in your childhood, you should say:

- What you felt about that music.

- What made it important to you.


- How does the role of music in culture change over time?

- Do you think music reflects age-group of people?

- How do you think we can keep the music in the culture?


Cue card

Talk about a conversation you had with someone, you should say:

- Whom you had it with.

- What made it important to you.



- Have you had this conversation with anyone else?

- In which situations do strangers talk to each other?

- What are the conversations that are usual in your country?
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