Part One

1. Study or work

2. Hometown

Good points and bad points

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive aspects and negative ~

Benefits anddrawbaks/downsides/shortcomings/weaknesses

Pros and cons

Over-populated dense dance

Suffer from a high density of ...

3. Accommodation(小时候住的房子最喜欢哪个房间?现在的房子有哪些benefits?将来想住什么样的房子?)

4. Music(喜欢live music吗?去看过concert吗?Live concertCD中的录制的音乐有什么不同?)

1) Exciting breathtaking thrilling

2) Sound quality as well as effects

3) Make a lot of changes promptly in the songsto promote audience’s emotions as well as the live atmosphere


1) better sound quality ... Cleaner and clearer

2) Flexible ...convenient to take along

Store the songs in your music players and take them with you... Whereverand whenever you are...

3) Sound modification ...to make it as nice aspossible to listen to .

5. Walk(喜欢散步吗?喜欢在什么地方散步?和谁?城市里散步方便吗?地方多吗?)

Take a stroll

Have a walk after dinner/a meal/eating a lot

Walk around for probably half an hour andthen have a rest somewhere and then walk on...

Continue walking



Pedestrian mall enjoy window shopping

6. Films(喜欢什么类型的电影?过去和现在喜欢的电影一样吗?一般和谁,在哪里看电影?)

Action movies Sci-fi films

Animated movies manga

Comedies “Johnny English” “Three Idiots”

“The Mask” Jim Carey

Almighty Bruce”

Tragedies “Romeo and Juliet” “Titanic”



Horror films

Romantic stories elements

Detective stories

Documentaries Historical films


At home

Room entertainment

Projector mobile screen

hi-fi stereos fidelity

Sound and visual effects


7. Public transport(你所在的社区交通方便吗?你一般乘公共交通还是采用其他方式?)

A collection of bus stops

And the metro will also be quite accessiblethere.

Ride a bicycle

Drive my own car

Travel with my e-bike/e-motor

Take a bus/the metro

Don’t need to memorise the routes/lines

Environmentally friendly



Really convenient

Brings me much conveniece

Owning a car, especially a pricey one, is asymbol of status.

8. Mathematics(什么时候开始学的数学?喜欢数学这个学科吗?做数学题的时候用不用计算器?觉得数学容易学吗?觉得数学重要吗?)

If counting numbers is also considered as apart of maths, I’d say I started to learn something about mathematics when Iwas probably just 2 or 3 years old. But I began to take the real maths classesin the first year of primary school.


..., which really disheartened/frustrated me.


Mathematic logic and methology is always usedin the studies of many other subjects, like Physics, Chemistry, Statistics,Accounting, Computer Science etc.

We should attach great importance to it.


9. Forgetting things(爱忘事吗?有没有忘记过重要的事?用什么提醒自己不要忘事?)

App calendar electronic timetable

Memo remind me of.../to do sth.


10. Telephone(经常打电话吗?喜欢发短信还是打电话?)

Text messages

Voice messages

Pic messages

App ... WeChat


Free wi-fi

You don’t have to pay for any China Mobile orChina Unicom or China Telecom Service.

11. Public holidays commemorate缅怀in memory of sb.纪念

12. Helping others

13. Fruit and veggies

Part Two

1. Describe a person who always dresses well.P3:人们都喜欢去什么地方买衣服?人们喜欢online购买衣服吗?为什么?为什么有人喜欢fashion有人不在意?)

Shewears different types of clothes on different occasions. On the formaloccasions such as some ceremonies, formal meetings or gatherings, or funerals,... Dark colour clothes...suits etc.

Casual ... Bright colour T-shirts orjumpers...

Good at matching colours... Changeable and likeable...

Let us see the most fashionable appereance

... Decent and creative...

2. Describe a person you know who is good at aforeign language.P3:你觉得英语比其他语言简单吗?小孩应该从什么时候开始学习外语?小孩可不可以同时学习多种外语?)

An interpreter English... French, Italian, Spanish...


Work with a tourists group...

Attend some international meetings

He’s been interested in/crazy about ... sincehe was a little boy.

Primary school & middle school ...International schools... He hasopportunities to study together with students from different countries.

3. Describe a picture or a photograph of yourfamily in your home.P3:小孩该不该学art?学art有什么benefits?如果其他学科忙,什么时间安排学习art合适?成人学习art好吗?和小孩比成人学art有什么不同?是不是每个人都有能力学好art?)

4. Describe a piece of electric equipment which you wouldlike to buy.P3:常用的家用电器都有啥?它们经常出什么问题?你能想到什么有名的关于电器方面的发明创造?现代科技对教学有什么影响?你认为科技会取代真人教师吗?)

An item of ~ Well, there’re a great number of examples. And it’s so difficult togeneralize. So in this way, let me give you some very common items, like...

An e-bike...

TV set


Laundry machine

Fridge refrigerator

Microwave oven


Electric cooker

Air purifier

Anyway, there must be other examples, and theones I’ve mentioned are those most common or popular ones. I mean, almost everyfamily has one or more items of them.

5. Describe a gift which took you a long time tochoose.P3:人们一般送什么礼物?现在送礼物和过去比有变化吗?男人和女人送礼物有区别吗?人们送礼更喜欢送钱还是送实物?)

It was really a difficult decision to makebecause it was an important event for her and I really needed to be carefulabout the gift since I wanted it to be both meaningful and creative.

I searched for suggestions on the internetand consulted many friends, which took me almost half a month before I finallymade up my mind to ...

6. Describe a restaurant you like.P3:经常在饭店吃饭吗?)

1) 烤鸭做的比全聚德还好吃

2) 每次我去都给打半价

3) 逢年过节或者生日趴还给免单或增菜

Location at the south end of the pedestrian mall in the southeast ofdowntown

7. Describe a place (not your home) which makesyou relax.P3:给列举几个能让人放松的地方?在家放松和在外放松有什么区别?你认为在natural places会更有利于放松吗?你觉得学生有必要在学习的过程中放松吗?)

Tea house

Pubs or bars

Bookstores or reading bars

Theatres or cinemas

Cafes or coffee shops

Our own personal/private rooms, especiallythe bedrooms...


Enjoy more freedom

Enjoy a wider range of entertainmentactivities

8. Describe a place where you can read or write(not your home).P3:现在是不是很多人都阅读和写作?小孩子一般什么时候开始学习读写?那是最好的学习读写的年纪吗?小孩读书和大人有什么不同?)

9. Describe some paid work you did with others.P3:不同工作对生活的影响?你的工作占的生活时间多还是少?工作对家人的影响是怎样的?)

10. Describe a time when you disagreed with yourfriend.P3:人们在什么情况下容易产生意见不统一的情况?为什么孩子会出现和父母意见不一致的情况?)

11. Describe a time when you needed to get upearlyP3:你习惯早起吗?起来后一般立即做什么?早起困难吗?一般人们早起的原因是什么?固定时间睡觉有益吗?困难吗?去旅行有必要早起吗?你更倾向于早上学习还是晚上学习?)

12. Describe a time when you did something with ateam.P3:孩子应不应该锻炼团队合作能力?什么事情必须要进行团队合作?)

13. Describe a change you once experienced inyour life.P3:什么原因会导致人生出现变化?喜欢充满变化的人生吗?怎样应对变化<才能不被变化搞得不知所措>?换工作是个好事吗?)

14. Describe an educational TV programme you havewatched.P3:人们喜欢看广告吗?喜欢是为什么?不喜欢是为什么?什么人会愿意看广告?公司为什么在电视上做广告?电视广告有效果吗?卡通片播放时间一般会播放什么广告?

15. Describe a child who made you laugh.frustrate sb. take away…

16. Describe a time when you felt surprised tomeet someone.(P3:中国人怎么交朋友?两个人成为好朋友需要什么因素?网上交友靠谱吗?怎么和不同文化体系中的人交朋友?)

17. Describe a time when you needed to get upearly(P3:你习惯早起吗?起来后一般立即做什么?早起困难吗?一般人们早起的原因是什么?固定时间睡觉有益吗?困难吗?去旅行有必要早起吗?你更倾向于早上学习还是晚上学习?)

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