Despite better access to education, many adults today still cannot read or write. In what ways are t






Despite better access to education, many adults today still cannot read or write. In what ways are they disadvantaged? What can governments do to help them?

In today's society, it is easier than ever for people to access education resources, yet there are still a large number of adults who lack basic reading and writing skills. According to UNESCO, more than 750 million adults worldwide cannot read or write, with two-thirds of them being women. This issue not only has serious impacts on their daily lives, but also has negative effects on their social, economic, and health status.

Firstly, the inability to read and write leads to a severe lack of employment opportunities for adults. They may struggle to obtain well-paying jobs and career development opportunities, which is highly disadvantageous in modern society. Additionally, the inability to read health information can also lead to negative impacts on their health status. For example, if they cannot read a doctor's prescription, it is difficult for them to know how to treat their illnesses properly.

Governments can take multiple measures to assist adults in overcoming illiteracy issues. Firstly, governments should provide adult literacy education courses that are easily accessible and reasonably priced. These courses should be tailored to the different reading and writing levels of adults and provide additional support such as one-on-one tutoring and online resources. For instance, the United States offers free courses and support for adults with basic literacy issues through its Adult Basic Education programs.

Additionally, governments can encourage and support companies to provide illiteracy education and training for their employees, which will enable them to contribute more effectively to their companies. Governments can also encourage the public to pay attention to and support the resolution of illiteracy issues through measures such as promoting education and incentivizing parents to focus on their children's reading and writing.

In conclusion, adult illiteracy is a severe issue that has negative impacts on their lives and social status. Governments should take active measures to assist them in overcoming these issues, improving their cultural literacy and living standards.

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